My objective was to creatively showcase the advertiser's logo on screen during a sponsorship segment of a Counter-Strike esports match. I wanted to create an immersive experience for viewers during this section, ensuring that it didn't replace their immersion of watching Counter-Strike. My goal was to provide an engaging alternative to conventional ad announcements, capturing the audience's attention while maintaining the essence of the game.
With this in mind, I conceptualized that the logos should appear as if they were actually graffiti art drawn on the walls in-game. I proceeded to develop a stylized, graffiti version of each logo, preserving their distinct brand identity and instant recognition. Not only did I pair the designs with gameplay footage, but also strategically placed them within iconic moments from the history of Counter-Strike esports. By seamlessly blending the logos with the in-game environment, it allows them to organically live within the space, advertise the brand in a captivating way, and visually compliment the historical action from that perspective.
Through this innovative approach, I successfully transformed the traditional sponsorship segment into an exciting, memorable brand promotion that enhanced the overall viewer experience.

Twistzz Crucial 3k in Round 29 of Grand Final vs. Navi ⸺ IEM Cologne 2022

cadiaN Insane 1v4 to Win vs. Gambit ⸺ ESL Pro League Season 13